Thomas Rudge

The below summaries detail a few software projects I have been working on over the years. Please check out my GitHub profile to see source code and further examples.


After hearing my brother-in-law complain about the cost of his business's software, I decided to help him out and went about designing a simple POS and cash management system. I started researching and playing around with the Python programming language and its libraries, at first seeing the task more as a learning exercise rather than anything serious. But a year and a half later the first version of Nepos was released to the general public, and now it is currently being used by several businesses in the north east of India.

Nepos's main features include: the POS interface; cash-flow, invoice, and loss records; end of day reporting; stock records and monitoring; MI console; search screen for all records; archiving; customisable user profiles; user activity, archive, and error logs; and automatic alerts to email and PushBullet. More details can be found on the Nepos website.

Micro Reddit

After building a simple blogging website and completing Michael Hartl's ruby tutorial I found myself wanting to try something a bit more challenging. So I decided to rebuild reddit from scratch.

A web based version of the mastermind board game. Built with Ruby and Sinatra. I have also written command line versions of chess and hangman.

MT Logo

One of my first jobs was as a System Administrator and a daily task was checking the banks swift messaging system for the Vostro accounts, as well as incoming cash statements for the bank's main reconciliation system. I learnt a lot about swift message structure and standards, and so it seemed only fitting that one of my first programs be a conversion script for such messages. I have created an online version using Javascript, and a Python and Ruby version can be found on my GitHub page. I also created a version with a graphical user interface for a company in Germany that you can download here.

I created this drawing tool as part of an Odin Project assignment. It was created using jQuery. You can see the tool's individual repo on GitHub here.


Draw on


Small logo This website has its own GitHub repo, check it out.